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  • The Western Conference Quarter-Finals were a mixed bag as the Detroit Red Wings and Vancouver Canucks secured series sweeps of the Columbus Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues
  • Sidney Crosby has 101 points and just six power-play goals | Including Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, and Evgeni Malkin’s efforts this season, there have been 264 100-point seasons in NHL history
  • The Montreal Canadiens are still a team worth owning. Up to 50 companies are interested in buying the team, should current owner George Gillett decide to sell
  • The Stanley Cup Playoffs | Most Goals Single Playoff Year | Jari Kurri Matches Leach
  • NHL clubs All info
  • Let the autopsy begin to diagnose why the Flyers fizzled out in the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs
  • The 2009 NHL playoff first round match ups are set and should be both exciting and intense as eight teams vie to take one more step towards winning the Stanley Cup
  • The old rivalry is renewed once again in the 2009 playoffs as the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens clash in the first round of the postseason
  • Toronto fans will have something to celebrate this week as rugged left winger Brad May reaches the one thousand game mark in the NHL against his first team, the Sabres
  • The New York Islanders, often referred to as the Isles are a National Hockey League team that is based in Uniondale, New York on Long island
  • Many players have played their way into the NHL, many have played in the playoffs for their teams and competed for the Stanley Cup
  • The Colorado Avalanche have had two distinct identities. They started off as the Quebec Nordiques in the World Hockey Association and remained a vital part of Canada's hockey landscape after the WHA
  • The Buffalo Sabres are a National Hockey League team that plays its home games in Buffalo, New York
  • About the Boston Bruins | The Boston Bruins are one of the original members of the National Hockey League, having joined the circuit in 1924. They have won the NHL championship five times and boast several Hall of Fame players
  • The Philadelphia Flyers are a National Hockey League team that came into the league in 1967 during the expansion period. The Flyers are based in Philadelphia
  • About the New Jersey Devils | The New Jersey Devils have had great success since their relocation and can boast one of the greatest goalies ever to play professional hockey
  • If the referee looked like this last night I’d easily forgive her, but obviously he didn’t and therefore there is no forgiveness
  • Good source of info about the NHL | Try and get tickets to a game in any those cities, or check out the local classifieds
  • NHL Hockey betting fans hyped for busy Saturday slate | Check out Legendz NHL Betting Odds for game and 1st-period lines for every matchup
  • We’re down to the Final Two in the NHL playoffs, so who has been the most valuable for his team in the postseason
  • Alexander Ovechkin, a forward for the Washington Capitals | Ovechkin and His Bid for MVP, Ovechkin being the winner of the Hart Trophy last season
  • History of the Detroit Red Wings | Gordie Howe held the NHL record for the most goals scored until Wayne Gretzky eclipsed his mark
  • About the Vancouver Canucks | The first season the Canucks played in the NHL the team had six players with at least 21 goals
  • About the Anaheim Ducks | The Anaheim Ducks were known as the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim from its inception into the NHL in 1993
  • MARTIN GRENIER NOT A STRIPED KITTY CAT | Martin describes one of the major differences between the Q and the American Hockey League
  • About the Edmonton Oilers Wayne Gretzky holds nearly every major scoring record in the NHL as of 2009. Gretzky's 894 goals are the most all-time | After the 1990 Stanley Cup title, Edmonton fell on much leaner times
  • How Does an NHL Hockey Player Spend a Workday | For a National Hockey League player, hockey is always an important part of the day
  • About the San Jose Sharks | The Sharks entered the NHL as an expansion team for the 1991-92 season
  • About the Calgary Flames | The Flames made the playoffs in their first season in Calgary and defeated the Blackhawks and Flyers
  • About the Dallas Stars | The Stars have proved to be one of the most successful franchises in the NHL since their 1993 move from Minnesota to Dallas
  • How to Eat Healthy at NHL Hockey Games
  • The Ottawa Senators entered the National Hockey League as an expansion team in 1992-93 | 2007 Stanley Cup Finals
  • The Los Angeles Kings were part of the first group of NHL expansion teams in 1967-68 | Wayne Gretzky breathed life into a struggling franchise when he was acquired in 1989
  • About the Florida Panthers | The Florida Panthers are a National Hockey League franchise that plays its home games at the BankAtlantic center in Sunrise
  • About the Columbus Blue Jackets The Columbus Blue Jackets entered the NHL as part of its expansion in 2000
  • The Minnesota Wild is a National Hockey League club that plays in the league's Northwest Division | About the Minnesota Wild
  • How to Get Tickets to the MN State High School Boys Hockey Tournament
  • In what will come as a surprise to no one, the New York Islanders won the 2009 draft lottery and are slated to pick first in the draft
  • Ways To Bet On Hockey | Money Line in Hockey | Many online gambling sites offer hockey bets along with regular sports betting
  • Encyclopedia of Ice Hockey | About Hockey - Stanley Cup - NHL - Fantasy hockey
  • Four teams are left to battle for Lord Stanley's Cup and while one team was viewed as a top contender when the playoffs began Detroit
  • As we've progressed through the rounds of the NHL playoffs | The NHL playoffs has already delivered some close series
  • The teams that do remain in the playoffs are the second-seeded Detroit Red Wing, the fourth-seeded Pittsburgh Penguins
  • If Crosby and Malkin can frustrate Osgood early in the series or catch him napping, the city of Pittsburgh will have another championship to celebrate in 2009
  • Though the playoffs may be taking a long time, there is little doubt that they have been filled with drama | No-Name Players Overachieving
  • How to Abuse an Ice Hockey Official | Watching hockey on TV can be a bit boring
  • With the Yankees in town there was ZERO coverage of game three of the NHL Finals this weekend in Boston
  • It was my first time in Raleigh and Chapel Hill
  • Mike Green scored a pair of goals to help the Capitals | Green Compared to Coffey Paul Coffey eventually broke Orr’s goal record
  • Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers of the early 1980s strung together four Stanley Cups and rewrote the record books, shattering every scoring record imaginable
  • Tampa Bay Lightning F Pavel Datsyuk | Datsyuk is probably the best all-around player in the NHL today
  • Alexander Ovechkin is currently working on his third 50-goal season in four years | Esposito Records 550 Shots | Ovechkin’s Career Shot Totals
  • How to Take a Slap Shot Like Alexander Ovechkin | Alexander Ovechkin is arguably the best pure goal scorer in the NHL right now
  • Detroit won the Stanley Cup in 2007-08 | Detroit Allowing More Goals than Last Season
  • Wayne Gretzky set the NHL record for goals in a season with 92 | Adjusted Goal Totals for NHL Greats
  • The 2008-09 New York Islanders have been positively dreadful away from home, posting a league-worst record through their first 39 road games
  • A timely power-play goal can swing momentum and mean the difference between a win and a loss
  • Tim Kerr is often overlooked when recounting the great goal-scorers in NHL history
  • Alexei Kovalev had a goal and an assist in the win to improve their record and also played The Panthers
  • This should have been your top eight picks in the 2001 NHL draft | Atlanta Thrashers Ilya Kovalchuk | Career Stats goals points
  • Drafting who they drafted, but just for fun, this should have been your top six picks in the 2000 NHL draft
  • Alexander Ovechkin's recent Hot Stick celebration, one of his several post-goal demonstrations this season
  • Hockey in the desert | Who has control of the franchise | NHL Prepares for Bankruptcy Court
  • Anyone want to share their predictions | Had some great battles to the death
  • Reebok has followed up their success with the RBK 9K O-Stick from last season with the new Reebok 10K hockey stick
  • How to Watch Hockey Playoffs Online | leaving only half of the teams left searching for Lord Stanley
  • How to Handicap an NHL Game | Hockey is one of the least bet professional sports in all of gambling
  • Hockey is one of the fastest, most popular sports in the world | Learn the rules | How to Be a Hockey Fan
  • Martin Brodeur is the gold standard of goaltending | Brodeur for breaking the NHL all time record for goaltender wins
  • Early in the week I deposited $200 at Sports Interaction | I started to get back into sports wagering this week and so far have done pretty good
  • The New York Rangers versus the New Jersey Devils is one of the best rivalries in all of professional sports
  • Subscribing to NHL viewing packages is a costly investment. Many of these services can cost a hockey fan several hundred dollars per season
  • Viewing an NHL game in person is a lot of fun and a great way to experience the speed and excitement of the game
  • Nothing makes the game of hockey more exciting or exhilarating than seeing an NHL game in person
  • Sydney The Kid Crosby has stunned NHL onlookers ever since his blazing-hot rookie season with the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • New hockey equipment purchases as they become more familiar and comfortable with purchasing online
  • The one consideration with the Buffalo vs Hamilton debate is the Canada US Border which on game days
  • Raise your hand if you think this is the best hockey you ever seen? Outside of International hockey
  • Stanley Cup Final Predictions | Detroit red Wings, Evgeni Malkin, Henrik Zetterberg, Niklas Lidstrom, Pavel Datsyuk, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, Stanley Cup
  • Bauer One 95 Stick Filed under Hockey Equipment | One of the most used sticks in the National Hockey League today is the new Bauer One95
  • Hockey Stick is the most revolutionary composite stick ever released by the company, TPS Response R10 PTC
  • Many NHL players are very superstitious about their equipment and next to their hockey skates
  • Columbus Blue Jacket’s rock star rookie goalie Steve Mason
  • The new One95 skate is constructed from a material called ALIVE | The One 95 Skate Boot
  • The CCM Vector U+ Stick is the follow-up to the highly touted CCM U+ Skates and the latest release from the research and design team at CCM
  • If there was one player who contributed solely to the ultimate demise of the Montreal Canadiens’ season it was Philadelphia
  • Eastern Conference final the Carolina Hurricanes
  • The Detroit Red Wings win over the Chicago Blackhawks
  • Going into the 2009 NHL playoffs, the experts opined that the Detroit Red Wings only had one weakness–goaltending
  • The second round of the NHL playoffs is close to concluding but two things remain Game 7 for the Anaheim Ducks Detroit Red Wings Carolina Hurricanes Boston Bruins
  • How to Bet on the NHL | Hockey is one of the few gambling sports where you can have just as good a chance of winning by betting on underdogs as you do by betting favorites
  • How to Deal With NHL Season Withdrawal
  • How to Deal with Ice Hockey Season Withdrawal | The excitement of the Stanley Cup playoffs has one downfall
  • Stanley Cup playoffs this spring | Canadien's 2008-09 Offensive Statistics after 75 Games Under Carbonneau Under Gainey
  • The Vezina Trophy is awarded annually to the NHL's goaltender who is adjudged to be the best at this position
  • For online NHL bettors, there is not better online sports betting website or off shore Internet gambling website that offers its customers National League Hockey straight bets, parlay bets on all NHL match ups and ice hockey proposition or future bets
  • NHL live lines and odds to win the 2008-2009 Stanley Cup. So if you are looking for Stanley Cup betting odds our sportsbook has those props odds
  • NHL Eastern Conference Props | If you have any questions about these odds, or would like to request a line
  • You see, Anderson agreed to throw on the pads and take breakaway shots from little kids in order to raise money for the charity
  • Executive body of the Central Region Hockey Association was inaugurated at University of Cape Coast
  • Modern NHL fans would hardly recognize the league of the early 1980s
  • Orr's Scoring Dominance | Paul Coffey Compared to Orr | Mike Green Compared to Orr
  • GretzkyРўs scoring exploits are legendary. HeРўs the NHLРўs all-time leader in every major statistical category | Lemieux's Stats and Best Season
  • As the Panthers attempt to keep pace with the Montreal Canadiens in their quest to reach the playoffs
  • The NHL has a major problem on its hands | The National Hockey League has a major problem | Alexander Ovechkin's 50th Goal Celebration
  • The Calder Memorial Trophy is an annual award given to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the NHL
  • Martin Brodeur, who recently became the NHL all-time career wins leader, long ago cemented himself as a future Hall of Fame goaltender
  • Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals scored his league leading 50th goal last night against Tampa Bay
  • Number 33 Retired in Montreal Roy disappointing Canadiens appear to lack this season
  • Most famous deals in hockey history by bringing | Salary of the Twins an Issue | An Immediate Push
  • Hockey Clubs within the Country will storm the Central Region this weekend to climax the celebrations of the Afahye festival
  • Financiers cruised to victory over Citizens in the Senior League | Reformers came up good with a two-goal cushion in dethroning CEPS as league champions
  • The goalkeeper is unique. He or she has the capacity to change the score line Anyone in the team that wants to be goalkeeper
  • The National Hockey League The hats and protections of the NHL are also attractive
  • Fans and the NHL? Particularly fond of Anaheim Mighty Ducks
  • Many cars are very intent on players help designate their level of play of hokey to the level required to pursue a career in the National Hockey League
  • The original Anaheim ducks were called the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. They are a team of professional ice hockey men based in Anaheim, California
  • The islanders of New York (NY) is one of two teams of ice hockey from New York
  • Amazingly some goalkeeper’s have the natural ability to correctly analyse, decide and act in crucial situations
  • I always felt a sense of responsibility when a goal was scored against me
  • It’s an hour before the start of the Oldtimers’ Hockey Challenge at the Canada Games Arena | fighting in hockey
  • Fighting is a foundation of hockey | This winter marks the 50th anniversary of the Golden Era of hockey
  • As far as Riley Cote is concerned, the NHL is going too far in trying to legislate rules to control fighting
  • The curtailing of the NHL fighting culture proposed by the general managers this week is making news in Russia
  • Eager has already eclipsed his NHL season-best for goals and points, scoring 10 times and adding four assists through 55 games
  • The best hockey fight of the year | Riley Cote vs. Eric Godard Eric Boulton vs. Colton Orr Donald Brashear vs. Jody Shelley
  • Sheldon Souray KOs Craig Weller | Eric Godard knocks down Colton Orr | B.J. Crombeen KOs Derek Dorsett
  • Probert Award: Fighter of the Year | Wade Belak Nashville fights | Derek Boogaard Minnesota
  • 2008 2009 2010 Crowder Award: Rookie of the Year | B.J. Crombeen - St. Louis Blues Steve MacIntyre - Edmonton Oilers Joel Rechlicz - NY Islanders Luke Schenn - Toronto Maple Leafs
  • 2008-09 People's Choice Award Previous Winners Brian McGrattan Derek Boogaard Riley Cote
  • 2008-09 Broad Street Bully Award: Best Enforcing Team | Anaheim Ducks Boston Bruins fights Philadelphia Flyers Vancouver Canucks fights
  • Colton Orr vs. Eric Godard Milan Lucic vs. Mike Komisarek Derek Boogaard vs. Wade Belak
  • Best Team Feud Philadelphia Flyers - New Jersey Devils | St. Louis Blues - Chicago Blackhawks Montreal Canadiens - Boston Bruins
  • Grimson Award: Best Punching Power/Most Destructive Fighter Derek Boogaard Wade Belak Colton Orr
  • 2008-09 Kimble Award: Most Exciting Fighter | Eric Boulton - surprisingly great year with a Fight of the Year candidate vs. Orr and great fights with Brashear, Vandermeer, Konopka, Thornton
  • 2008-09 Schultz Award: Most Old-School Moment KO
  • 2008-09 Biggest Let-Down Riley Cote Philadelphia Aaron Voros NY Rangers Andre Roy Tampa Bay
  • Best Skilled Fighter Kevin Bieksa - Vancouver Canucks Jarome Iginla - Calgary Flames Scott Hartnell - Philadelphia Flyers Dion Phaneuf - Calgary Flames
  • This isn’t the first time that a hockey team has used fighting and violence to pull in paying customers professional hockey
  • Hockey fighting is also the hurt business But more so, because hockey players don’t cover their knuckles with padding
  • In hockey, if you’re knocked out in one game and you’re playing back-to-back games, then you have to fight the next night
  • No NHL enforcer has blended brains with brawn better than Ken Baumgartner
  • Hockey enforcers have a learning curve | The NHL didn't agree that such spectacles were part of the game
  • Darren McCarty has never been his team’s top enforcer, the fistic go-to guy. He started his NHL career as an understudy to Bob Probert
  • He had 215 minutes in his final OHL season, down from the 231 the year before The Ottawa draft pick
  • Donald Brashear ranks as one of the NHL's toughest and most talented enforcers
  • NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman held Harkness in the highest regard for his achievements
  • Heatley-Phaneuf Swap | Cammalleri Replacing Heatley The salary cap strapped Calgary Flames
  • Eastern Conference Playoffs NHL playoffs feature Stanley Cup Finals
  • Yzerman will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009 Yzerman had a long, 23-year NHL career
  • A TV ad saw Sidney Crosby step out of a photo from the 2008 Cup Final | Two More Goals for Maxime Talbot
  • While signings and trades have been few and far between since the Stanley Cup was awarded 10 days ago
  • 2K Sports Announces Second Annual NHL All-Star Tournament
  • Crosby Gets Hurt, Detroit Climbs Back Unlikely Stanley Cup Heroes
  • Bet on your favorite NHL team today. With our Stanley Cup Odds already live and ready to go
  • In need of some stability in between the pipes in both the NHL and AHL
  • Sidney Crosby has faced a lot of criticism in his short 4 year career as an NHLer Crosby Lidstrom Handshake
  • 2001 IIHF Continental Cup finals, the IIHF met with the representatives of the major European ice hockey leagues
  • Nearly 300 players were selected when Montreal last hosted the draft, The last time the NHL Draft was held in Montreal
  • NHL Roundup of results from the National Hockey League
  • Trust us to make the right choice for your hockey betting needs
  • The 2009 Nominees Geno Malkin, Pittsburgh Penguins Pavel Datsyuk, Detroit Red Wings Alex Ovechkin, Washington Capitals Will win
  • There are 35 goalies that are honoured members of the Hockey Hall Of Fame, If the Hall of Fame is suppose to recognize the best of the best in the NHL
  • As a Professional Sports Handicapper There are a few ways to place a bet on a hockey game
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Konferenssi Itainen Divisioona Atlantin Perustettu 1967 Kotiareena Mellon Arena
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