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There has always been the debate as to who the best NHL hockey player is of all time. Well we have come up with the top 3 all time best players in the NHL.

3 Mario Lemieux

Mario was big men that used his size, strength, and reach to changer the game of hockey. Mario played who played 17 seasons for the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League. If it wasnӴ for many seasons where he was injured he might have broken many of Wayne Gretzkyӳ records. During his NHL tenure he was the most skilled big man in the game and his hands and puck handling skills were second to none.

Lemieux was deceivingly quick on the ice and was most famous for his style of play, where he could carry other defensemen on his back and still score the goal and make the play. His career was cut short by injury and Hodgkins lymphoma, which has lead many to speculate that his career totals would have been far higher if he were healthy throughout his career.

Some of the awards Lemieux has won include:
ՠ1984-85 Calder Memorial Trophy 
ՠ1985-86 Lester B. Pearson Trophy 
ՠ1987-88 Art Ross Trophy 
ՠ1987-88 Hart Memorial Trophy 
ՠ1987-88 Lester B. Pearson Trophy 
ՠ1988-89 Art Ross Trophy 
ՠ1990-91 Conn Smythe Trophy 
ՠ1991-92 Art Ross Trophy 
ՠ1991-92 Conn Smythe Trophy 
ՠ1992-93 Art Ross Trophy 
ՠ1992-93 Hart Memorial Trophy 
ՠ1992-93 Bill Masterton Trophy 
ՠ1992-93 Lester B. Pearson Trophy 
ՠ1995-96 Art Ross Trophy 
ՠ1995-96 Hart Memorial Trophy 
ՠ1995-96 Lester B. Pearson Trophy 
ՠ1996-97 Art Ross Trophy
2 Bobby Orr

More than just statistics, Orr had the ability to control the game, to take over. He had the speed to float away from defenders and also to recover effortlessly should he lose possession or get caught on a rush. Bobby Orr rewrote the defensemanӳ position in the NHL. Orr revolutionized the hockey with his scoring ability and playmaking skills from the blue line. Orr won two scoring titles, the only defender to accomplish that feat, and had career season highs of 46 goals and 102 assists

He became the first defense to rush up the ice and act as another forward. Defensemen with goal-scoring ability were not common in the NHL prior to his arrival and he inspired the birth of the two way player in the NHL.

Orrӳ career was cut short due to chronic knee problems as he only played 13 years in the NHL. Though his impact is long lasting if he played more years he would have a chance at being considered the greatest player ever to lace the skates.

To this day we have not seen another defense with his speed and ability to change the face of the game like Bobby Orr

Some of his lists of accomplishments include: ՠMost points in one NHL season by a defenseman (139; 1970-71). ՠMost assists in one NHL season by a defenseman (102; 1970-71). ՠHighest plus/minus in one NHL season (+124; 1970-71). ՠAwarded the James Norris Trophy in 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975

1 Wayne Gretzky

Is there any doubt? Nicknamed The Great One, Gretzky was called "the greatest player of all time" in Total Hockey: The Official Encyclopedia of the NHL. He is regarded as the best player in history and has been called "the greatest hockey player ever" by many sportswriters. The Hall of Fame center rewrote the NHL record book with singular blend of skill and savvy and still holds more than 80 NHL records; some that might never ever broken. Even at an early age he was destined to be great. At the age of 10, Gretzky scores 378 goals in Brantford's atom league - still an age group record. Gretzky recorded four 200-point regular seasons: 212 in 1981-82; 205 in 1983-84; 208 in 1984-85 and 215 in 1985-86. No other player has recorded a 200-point season.

Some of his accomplishments include:

ՠYoungest player to score 50 goals in a season (19 years, two months). ՠMost points by an NHL player in his first year: 137 ՠMost assists by an NHL player in his first year: 86. Most 200 point seasons: 4. ՠThe NHL has a record for most 100 point seasons (owned by Gretzky), but not most 200 point seasons, probably because Gretzky is the only one who has scored 200 points. ՠMost consecutive 200 point seasons: 3. ՠMost 70 goal seasons: 4. The NHL has a record for most 60 goal seasons, but not 70. This is strange because many players have achieved 70 goals ՠMost consecutive 70 goal seasons: 4. ՠMost 80 goal seasons: 2. ՠMost 90 goal seasons: 1. As with 200 point seasons, Gretzky is the only player to achieve this. ՠFastest 50 goals: 50 goals in 39 games. In addition he has the most goals: 894 in 1,487 games, Most assists: 1,963, Most points, one season: 215 in 1985ָ6, 80-game schedule (52 goals, 163 assists) and most 100-or-more point seasons: 15.

Not only has the Great One rewritten the record book but he has changed the face of hockey in terms of exposure and bringing the game of hockey to the US market.
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